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Xianfeng treasure is a large sum of money that the Qing government started in the third year of Xianfeng in order to raise funds to suppress the Taiping Army and alleviate the financial crisis. When the value is 50 or below, it is called Xianfeng treasure, and when it is higher than 50, it is called Xianfeng Yuanbao, which is different from Xiaoping Qian Xianfeng Tongbao. Xianfeng's treasure has "Dang Wu", "10", "20", "50" and "100". It is reported that during the four to five years of Xianfeng, according to the requirements of the Ministry of housing, Baosu bureau began to try to cast Dang Wu Qian shortly after casting Dang ten coins. As inflation was becoming serious at that time, when the five coins were immediately stopped casting, so the amount of money in the world was very rare, and the value of relatively rare coins in the market was higher.


Xianfeng chongbao Dangshi Tongyuan is a kind of round square hole copper coin. Its shape is out of the sky. It is a rare rare precious ancient coin. On the obverse, there are four characters in regular script "Xianfeng chongbao", which are read from right to left from top to bottom; on the back of the coin, there are Chinese characters "Dang Shi" arranged up and down to indicate the currency value, and the name of qianju is written in Manchu on the left and right. The whole coin is round and dignified in shape, with clear and deep handwriting and thick and warm paste. It is a rare collection.




Ancient coins are the main part of a country's history. They play an important role in the history of coins in their specific historical periods. They not only represent the coin culture of modern China, but also reflect the ups and downs of modern history, economy and finance in China. They have high artistic appreciation value and cultural relic value. Moreover, the material is precious and the artistic value is high. It is made of precious metal or silver alloy. It is exquisite in production, exquisite in design, elegant in writing, rich in content, and brilliant in silver. Its appearance is lovely, and it also has a certain effect of value preservation and appreciation. However, Xianfeng chongbao Dangshi is still regarded as the first coin, with the longest casting period, the largest quantity, the most abundant format and the widest circulation. In addition, the exquisite and beautiful shape, the exquisite carving brush, the large characters with glittering copper, and the wrapping slurry of ancient Chinese rhyme, even the details are elaborately carved and almost perfect, which is actually the first rare currency in the art market in a thousand years.




此件藏品现在展卖于古玩行商城平台中,据持宝人介绍说,这件古钱币是祖上传下来的。曾让专家老师鉴定过,绝世精品。在本公司得知其有这件罕见珍品,特邀其持这件古钱币参加,现持宝人因资金周转困难原因。忍痛割爱愿将此件古钱币委托本公司代其通过网络媒体进行寻找买家。如对此藏品有兴趣收藏者,可拨打企业联系电话:400 686 3616进行洽谈。

The collection is now on display on the platform of the antique shop. According to the treasure holder, the ancient coin was handed down from the ancestors. It has been appraised by experts and teachers and is a peerless masterpiece. After learning that it has this rare treasure, our company specially invited it to take part in this ancient coin. Now the holder of the treasure has difficulty in cash flow. I am willing to entrust this ancient coin to our company to search for a buyer through internet media. If you are interested in this collection, you can call the business contact number: 400 686 3616 for negotiation.